The Koffee Pot
Northern Quarter cafe with art space.
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Manchester United Museum
See the stadium through the eyes of Manchester United greats themselves. Or get even closer to the world of Manchester United and share 130 years of football in the Museum.
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Museum of Wigan Life
The local museum packed with exciting exhibits for Wigan, Leigh and neighbouring towns and villages.
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The John Rylands Library
One of the world's finest collections of rare books and manuscripts.
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International Anthony Burgess Foundation
The International Anthony Burgess Foundation encourages and supports public and scholarly interest in all aspects of the life and work of Anthony Burgess.
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Didsbury Parsonage Trust
The Didsbury Parsonage Trust was set up by the members of the Didsbury Civic Society to conserve and restore the Old Parsonage building and make use of its space for the community.
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Victoria Baths
The Victoria Baths Archive represents the rich history of Victoria Baths, the Baths and Wash-houses of Manchester, and the history of swimming and Turkish Baths in general. It contains pictures, documents, objects and memories.
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Central Library
Alongside the traditional library activities: author readings, talks, writer workshops, Manchester Central Library plays host to gigs, film nights, live performances, open-mic evenings and creative courses.
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Royal Exchange Theatre
The Craft Shop hosts a programme of changing exhibitions which are located in the glass display cases situated along the colonnade in the Great Hall. There are also changing picture exhibitions displayed in the Gallery Corner, inside the Craft Shop.
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The Pankhurst Centre
The house where the Suffragette movement was formed pays tribute to the Pankhurst family and the Suffragettes.
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Venture Arts
Venture Arts runs professional arts workshops in a bright, lively, inclusive and welcoming environment.
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People's History Museum
Visit the museum and join a march through time following Britain’s struggle for democracy over two centuries.
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Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI)
MOSI’s historic industrial site symbolises Manchester as the place where science and industry met and the modern world began.
Web link pictogram Visit Museum Of Science & Industry (mosi) website. EXHIBITIONS
  • Experiment
    Lots of hands-on fun for all the family in our hands-on science gallery.

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  • Engines at Work
    Experience the sights, sounds and smells of steam engines that powered mills all over the North West.

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Salford Museum & Art Gallery
Salford Museum and Art Gallery presents an exciting programme of permanent displays and changing contemporary exhibitions.
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  • By Hand
    Showcasing handmade work by independent artists and craftspeople.

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  • Pilkingtons Collection
    Salford Museum;'s Pilkington collection is the largest in the UK. It contains examples of almost every artist and most types of ware produced by the factory between 1900-1958 and the 1970s. When the company unfortunately closed in June 2010 Salford Museum was able to acquire the Pilkington archive containing pattern books, notebooks and company documents. This important resource not only compliments the ceramic collection but also assists by placing it in its social history context.

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Art Works Manchester is curating art that works for the Sand Bar Manchester.
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  • Cabinets of Curiosity
    A collection of 'wonder art' by Michael Mayhew

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Ordsall Hall
Salford's Grade 1 listed Tudor manor house - was first recorded in 1177. Since then, it has been home to medieval gentry, Tudor nobility, Catholics loyal to the crown, butchers, farmers, an Earl, an artist, priests, scout troops, mill workers, cows and several ghosts!
Web link pictogram Visit Ordsall Hall website. EXHIBITIONS
  • Frederic Shields Gallery
    This gallery was once the studio of the Pre-Raphaelite artist Frederic Shields. Shields was famed for his drawings of the working poor and took inspiration from some of the scenes around the Hall at the time that he resided there (1872 to 1875).

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Imperial War Museum North
IWM North is one of the five branches of the Imperial War Museums - the only one outside the South East of England.
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Kosmonaut is a convivial neighbourhood hangout firmly established in Manchester’s Northern Quarter with stellar food and drinks, excellent coffee, super fast WIFI, ever-changing art exhibitions and a fierce ping pong league.
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  • DR.ME - Relations
    Kosmonaut has unveiled its new large-scale mixed media artworks, Relations (Part 1 and Part 2), from acclaimed Manchester creative studio DR. ME, which will take over the bar's art space for the next six months.

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The Study
For the curious, the makers, the searchers and the sharers - The Study, Manchester’s space for new thinking.
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Creative community & artist space in Salford. Studios, workspaces, event hire and more!
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'53two' is a versatile Arts Venue, managed by Manchester Actors’ Platform.
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Hall i' th' Wood Museum
Hall i' th' Wood was originally built as a half-timbered hall in the 16th century and was owned by wealthy yeomen and merchants. A young Samuel Crompton came to live there with his parents. In 1779 he invented his Spinning Mule, which revolutionised the cotton industry
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Museum of the Greater Manchester Police
The Museum enables you to experience what life was really like for these officers in a once busy Victorian police station.
Web link pictogram Visit Museum Of The Greater Manchester Police website.
Manchester Craft & Design Centre
A hidden gem at the heart of Manchester’s creative Northern Quarter, Manchester Craft & Design Centre is a not-for-profit social enterprise and the independent incubator venue for craft and design businesses in the North West.
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The Portico Library & Gallery
Discover one of Manchester's hidden gems - a 19th century research library, an exhibition space, events venue, and an oasis for reading, writing and relaxing.
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Out House - Stevenson Square
Out House is an outdoor project space for Public Art.
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Manchester Jewish Museum
The Museum now chronicles the lives of Jewish people in Manchester and their contribution to making the city what it is today.
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Quarry Bank Mill & Styal Estate
One of Britain's greatest industrial heritage sites, showing how a complete industrial community lived.
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Manchester’s centre for contemporary art, theatre and film.
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Manchester Museum
Museum of dinosaurs, mummies and live animals!
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  • Nature's Library
    Nature's Library features a stunning collection of taxidermy, an array of fossils; shells; Victorian illustrations of plants and paraphernalia from the 19th and early 20th century.

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  • The Vivarium
    Come and see some of our unusual reptiles and amphibians in the Vivarium.

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The Old Sunday School
The Heritage Centre display is housed within the Macclesfield Sunday School built in 1813/1814 for the workers of the Silk Industry. This Museum follows the lives of the Silk Industry founders and explores the finished product of Silk in the costume displays.
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Smithills Hall
One of Bolton's original family homes, Smithills Hall is a Grade 1 listed building, full of history and drama. Containing fine examples of architecture through the ages, from Medieval and Tudor right through to Victorian times, the hall is set in formal gardens next to the West.
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Hat Works
Hat Works is the UK's only museum dedicated to the hatting industry, hats and headwear.
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Elizabeth Gaskell's House
Elizabeth Gaskell's House in Manchester was the home of the famous author and her family. Her novels include Mary Barton, Cranford, North and South, Ruth and Wives and Daughters and are enjoyed on television, stage and radio. It has spectacular period rooms and garden and a tea room for visitors to enjoy. There is also a programme of special events and activities.
Web link pictogram Visit Elizabeth Gaskell's House website.
Ancoats Peeps
Walking around the Ancoats area of Manchester you will come across brass eyepieces set into walls. Through these peepholes you can glimpse a space that has been walled up for some time, but that is not entirely still.
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Museum of Transport
The Museum promotes interest in passenger transport in Greater Manchester.
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Architectural Salvage and Antiques store.
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Portland Basin Museum
Portland Basin Museum is housed within the restored nineteenth century Ashton Canal Warehouse. The museum combines a lively modern interior with a peaceful canal side setting. It is an exciting family friendly museum, with something for all the family.
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Working Class Movement Library
Working people have always struggled to get their voices heard. The Working Class Movement Library records over 200 years of organising and campaigning by ordinary men and women.
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West Park Museum & Art Gallery
Visit the land of the ancient Egyptians at West Park Museum. Travel down the Nile with Victorian explorer Marianne Brocklehurst, daughter of John Brocklehurst a Macclesfield Mill Owner. See the treasures she collected from her explorations of Egypt in the 19th century in this purpose built Museum. Alongside this renowned collection is our Local History display, including a selection of works by local artist Charles Tunnicliffe.
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A small establishment in the heart of the Northern Quarter. Est 2004. Nice food + good drinks + exhibitions + the kestrel suite = common
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The Silk Museum
At the Silk Museum, journey along the Silk Road and discover the history of Macclesfield's Silk Industry from its humble button beginnings, the growth of the Silk Mills to its involvement in wars and education, right through to the present day.
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National Football Museum
The National Football Museum is home to the biggest and best collection of football stories in the world.
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Oak Street Cafe
Situated at the heart of Manchester Craft & Design Centre, Oak Street Café not only serves food but also presents exhibitions on their walls.
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Out House - Sub Station
Out House is an outdoor project space for Public Art.
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Museum of Medicine and Health
The Museum of Medicine and Health contains a vast and diverse array of artefacts dating from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. Due to space limitations the museum does not have a permanent displays, but we are able to make the collection available for research, student projects, loans and one-off displays.
Web link pictogram Visit Museum Of Medicine And Health website.
Royal Northern College of Music
The RNCM has a small permanent collection of paintings consisting of portraits of former Principals of the RNCM and Northern School of Music as well as works by twentieth-century artists with musical subjects. The RNCM Collection of Historic Musical Instruments is also available for public viewing, comprising in excess of 300 instruments.
Web link pictogram Visit Royal Northern College Of Music website.
Manchester School of Art
Based in the heart of Manchester, a vibrant and multicultural city, we are a pioneer of art and design education in the UK.
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Staircase House
The house is famous for its rare Jacobean cage-newel staircase, which is one of only three examples in Britain. A state-of-the-art audio guide recounts the full history of the house.
Web link pictogram Visit Staircase House website.
Rochdale Pioneers Museum
The Rochdale Pioneers Museum exists to preserve the original store of the Rochdale Pioneers and to generate an understanding of the ideals and principles of the co-operative movement.
Web link pictogram Visit Rochdale Pioneers Museum website. EXHIBITIONS
  • Discover
    The Rochdale Pioneers Museum exists to preserve the original store of the Rochdale Pioneers and to generate an understanding of the ideals and principles of the co-operative movement.

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Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Special Collections
Art and design related collections and archives.Supporting teaching, learning and research at Manchester Metropolitan University. Free and open to all.
Web link pictogram Visit Manchester Metropolitan University (mmu) Special Collections website.
Bolton Steam Museum
One of the largest collection of stationary steam engines and related items in the country.
Web link pictogram Visit Bolton Steam Museum website.
Print and Paste
Print&Paste is a curated outdoor art space based in central Manchester, located on Chester Street, just off Oxford Rd. Every month a new artist is invited to exhibit work on a large 16-sheet board traditionally used by advertisers.
Web link pictogram Visit Print And Paste website.
PLY is a bar, restaurant and creative space who have a carefully curated programme of exhibitions and events brought to you by artists from all over the world, alongside our doodle wall and book exchange.
Web link pictogram Visit Ply website.
Chetham's Library
The library houses 1,000's of volumes or printed books and ephemera, as well as archives and manuscripts and prints and photographs.
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Manchester Town Hall
Manchester Town Hall houses decorative architecture, oil paintings, a dedicated Sculpture Hall and some beautiful murals. A must visit.
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The Fusilier Museum
The Fusilier Museum is home to the collections of XX The Lancashire Fusiliers and Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. Together they record over 300 years of history and heritage.
Web link pictogram Visit The Fusilier Museum website.
Stockport Story Museum
Stockport Story Museum takes visitors on a fascinating journey through Stockport's history dating back over 10,000 years through to the present day. Explore changing social climates, attitudes and lifestyles and hear from characters of Stockport's past.
Web link pictogram Visit Stockport Story Museum website.
Contact is an award-winning theatre and arts venue on Manchester's vibrant Oxford Road Corridor, with young people at the heart of everything that we do.
Web link pictogram Visit Contact website.
Bolton Museum & Art Gallery
Ranging from Egyptian mummies to local history and wildlife, Bolton's collection has something for everyone.
Web link pictogram Visit Bolton Museum & Art Gallery website.
Stockport Air Raid Shelters
Experience life as it was during a 'black out' in wartime Britain.
Web link pictogram Visit Stockport Air Raid Shelters website.
Nexus Art Cafe
Nexus Art Cafe is a creative community space in the heart of the city centre striving to build community based on an ethos of inclusion, respect and hospitality.
Web link pictogram Visit Nexus Art Cafe website.
Anson Engine Museum
Bringing engines to life for the delight of our visitors.
Web link pictogram Visit Anson Engine Museum website.
Paradise Mill
Take a guided tour of Paradise Mill and step back in time to an early 20th century silk mill. See 26 restored Jacquard looms, hear about the silk industry and watch a weaving demonstration.
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